The War is won, but the battle continues – #YesVote

“The fact is that more people have been slaughtered in the name of religion than for any other single reason. That, that my friends, that is true perversion!”

Harvey Milk

Congratulations, Australia!

#EqualLove won the war, but the battle continues to wage on. Hence, my heart is not ready to celebrate, YET!

There will be bitterness, hatred, and a division, injected by those who cannot accept the reality of the times.

Friendships, communities, and families will be impacted by this decision, which will continue to cause constant pain and hardship despite a clear majority saying “YES.”

The PLEBISCITE has caused invisible wounds, and have hurt many on both sides of the ‘survey’ which remains mostly non-binding.

Friendships have been damaged.

Families have been torn apart.

Communities have been dealing with the atrocities of hate and discrimination, emanating from both sides of the ideological spectrum. Of course, that was the “bigger plan” for the ineptly named “Liberal” party. They have killed two birds with a single stone by passing this vote.

Australia came out on the roads to celebrate the victory of #YesVote

Photo Source: DNA Magazine Australia [Click photo for more on DNA website]

Firstly, they have managed to give the lollypop bait of “We are LGBT friendly,” even though the plebiscite is just that and “Equal Love” will become a law once it is passed as a bill. That is a journey of its own that will take its jolly good time. Exactly the time the “Liberals” need to convince their voters that “We did allow them to marry, but we kept the definition of marriage itself as that of a marriage between a man and a woman.”

Secondly, they have carved a picture-perfect divide between the conservatives and progressive -the actual liberal people of Australia– who will continue to feed into the differences, hatred, and discord to keep these sentiments alive in order to leave sufficient time for the “Liberal” party to try and win another term. Sadly, in the absence of a strong opposition, the chances of the party’s plan to succeed are high, despite being progressive, it is my duty to ‘deny’ the possibility.

Which is why the battle must continue and we have two very important tasks on our hands, starting right now –

1. Be kinder than you think you can be, because those who will come with hate, have to recognize and accept the fact that we are not adversarial toward them. We just wanted our rights to be equal while embracing them with love and kindness. Use dialogue, rationale, reasoning, compassion, and remain calm while trying to create awareness amongst those leaning towards the “no” mindset.

2. Don’t take this moment and the new journey for granted. There is much more to be done, much more to be achieved, and most importantly we must bring back the harmony that has been dented by the discord caused by the plebiscite. We must heal the relationships we can, and actively rebuild them where possible.

Hence, with my half-hearted congratulations, I must remind myself and everyone else, that the war has been won at a heavy and unnecessary cost of $122 Million, but the battle continues!

Article Author: Szebastian Onne R G S S-S
Article Editor: Camilla Hussein

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