Why I’m an activist (and why you should be too)

“I am proud to be an activist. Join me, and be an activist too.”

Kristian Johns

I can’t quite describe how it feels to be standing six feet from Annie Lennox, as you have your photo taken by one of the world’s top fashion and portrait photographers.

The fact that I was doing it for an amazing cause made the whole experience even more special.

This year, The Body Shop has teamed up with UNAIDS and photographer Rankin for a global World AIDS Day campaign called Be An Activist. It showcases activists of all ages and races, from all walks of life, from popstars and CEOs, to your average man on the street, like me.

In a world where treatments are improving and AIDS is becoming less of a killer, sadly, people are becoming more complacent. Ignorance is high. Lack of education is a constant problem, and as a result, infections continue to rise.


Kristian with his pet dog Gadget (Photo Source: Instagram.com/kristianj79


This is why I’m so honoured and passionate to be a part of a campaign which reinvigorates the message that HIV is always out there, and it doesn’t discriminate.

Arm yourselves with the knowledge to protect yourself and make safer decisions, and let’s end the stigma surrounding HIV — and hopefully, one day, eradicate the virus itself.

Below is a transcript (and a shaky video!) of the keynote I delivered (along with my best mate Emma) at the campaign’s press launch on 29th November 2010.

World AIDS Day is on December 1st, and I urge you all to stand with me and wear your red ribbon with pride.

I am proud to be an activist. Join me, and be an activist too.

Kristian Johns speaks for The Body Shop/UNAIDS Worlds Day Campaign

From the Editor’s desk:

PS: Seven years later, this blog by Kristian Johns still remain relevant and in for so many forms of activism, that go over and beyond HIV Awareness. And, doesn’t the boy look cute … errr I mean Gadget, the pup. Of course, Kristian looks alright too 🙂

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