Victim of Unilateral Contribution Fatigue?

Be it business or personal relationships, you give your best and end up feeling the other side is not even contributing a fraction of your efforts, let alone meeting half-way.  You try, and try again but only feel more jaded, disappointed and disenfranchised despite all your effort. There comes a moment you simply have no energy and desire to be part of the relationship. Back in 2008, I coined the term UCF (Unilateral Contribution Fatigue) to define this feeling.

Twice in my professional career and 3 times in my personal life, I was faced with UCF and it wasn’t a great place to be in. Letting go was hard because I was invested in all these instances both emotionally and with resources. I kept hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Then, I had a realization.

I realized that only I was going through the dark tunnel looking for that ray of hope where both of us are going to do things together, with equal effort, excitement and thrill to the very end of the line. It wasn’t the case. My better half of all these business and personal relationships were invested elsewhere, often only focused on what they needed to happen and not what needed to happen for ‘our’ deal. Of course, they were getting more than they expected because they were never invested enough to count on our relationship to be a success. They were focused on what they can get out of it, with minimum possible effort and contribution. So, no matter what they contributed, it was never too much for them to worry about the losses.

This is when I realized, I had to stop. It was time for me to end the relationship and walk-away. Who knew, that it would be the best decision I would ever make both in my career and personal relationships. Suddenly, I was free from the Unilateral Contribution Fatigue and working with people who were equally passionate, indulged, involved and interested in our success.

It was an ‘OUR’ deal, not ‘Your and My’ deal. It was Our effort, Our Struggles, Our Resources, Our Failure and Our Success.

I was pouring into people who were not pouring back into me. Ending this unilateral relationship pattern was the best personal and career decision I made. I share this little snippet with you today to urge you to STOP, THINK, STEP BACK and STEP OUT of the relationships where you are giving your all and getting nothing or not even enough in return. Your success requires Equal Partners – in business and personal life. Spend your time, effort and resources on those who spend the equal back in you.

Are you suffering with Unilateral Contribution Fatigue?

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Featured Photo Courtesy:  Nathan Cowley

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