Shifting Blame Won’t Drive The Challenge Away!

“Blame is just a lazy person’s way of making sense of chaos.”

Doug Coupland

Of course, we all have challenges & problems that we ought to face and fight against.

There are hurdles that arise because of external factors and there are challenges which are the result of internal factors.  However, how a challenge impacts our life depends entirely on our reaction to the problem at hand.

We are not going to get anywhere by shifting blame, comparing intensity, or expecting others to solve our dilemmas. The only thing that can do is create bigger problems and upset others too, who may or may not have been the part of the problem originally, but we now officially included them in the problem-food-chain.

The smartest way to handle our challenges and fixing our problems is by exploring our options that can help us do things better, smarter, on-time and with complete focus on our desired goal. There will be distractions and of course the temptation to give in or give up, but we must remain focused, for the simple reason that we will come out stronger and more capable on the other side of the hurdle.

We may not always solve the problem, but we will always and without an exception, learn something about our abilities, strengths, and weakness which will help us be a stronger, smarter and better person.

Allow yourself to be brave to face your challenges, noticed (and acknowledge your weaknesses), identify your strengths and learn from the experience and journey. It is not a failure if you learned something and if you survived, you know you were stronger than the test you were just put through in life.

 Be kind to yourself, so you can be kind to those around you.

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