Get over the ‘Picture Perfect’ conundrum!

Often, we allow our surroundings to affect us and we ignore change in our behavior that others notice with little effort. We think and overthink and think a tad more until we drive ourselves nuts with our own thoughts. Our focus shifts towards what we do not have, what we want but haven’t achieved yet, and what seems impossible to achieve. What we do not realize is, that by focusing on all that is ‘missing’ we lose out on what we have but are not appreciating.

– Our life is not a Picture-Perfect production directed, produced and developed with many re-takes. –

Instead, it is a non-stop event that keeps happening in a continuous format, like it or not. We can either focus on what is not happening or learn to appreciate what is happening for us and keep an eye out for what more can happen with our efforts, diligence, and passion.

Sometimes you need to let go things and people – and when that time comes that is all you can do. When it is time to take concrete steps, it is time.

  1. If you need to start a dialogue, that is what you must do.
  2. If your investment is far higher than the return you are getting, you must rethink how much more are you willing to invest.
  3. If you continue to invest, you need to prepare for the risks, disappointments, opportunities, and achievements that may happen along the way.

-The life is only as complicated or simple as we make it. –

Don’t tell me ‘easy said than done’ because I have, and I continue to live a life with my own dilemmas, choices, confusions, setbacks, achievements and the whole conundrum of it all. Tell me, ‘I will fight what is difficult, going to manage what is in my control, let go of what I am not ought to have control over, and focus on my goals, personal and professional, working hard towards them, every single day, because my life and this entire journey is worth it!’

So, Let’s BEGIN!

And remember, Be KIND to YOURSELF & KINDER to those AROUND You


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  • marjiemare

    Thanks for your post which speaks to me, I definitely think that I should pause and start rethinking if I should continue to invest as the return is far below.

    • Szebastian Onne

      Thank you for participating. It is a good idea to take pause, and do the stock-take of where things are at. Measure your risks, and possible benefits to see if you are treading in the right direction to achieve your goals. Though, don’t let hurdles discourage you – success is not meant to be a cakewalk. At the end of the day, to you must Dream Big. make It Happen – if it means some wounds and scars, see them as trophies and do your best. Follow your gut feeling! – Szebastian Onne #INSPIRE

  • Courtney

    Ahhhhh we all tend to have unrealistic expectations for everything. I blame social media and the Fab photos lol

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