Open Letter To Twitter: Bisexual Censor

“Being bisexual, being bipolar, being biracial – it’s been used to define me, but I am desperate to be indefinable.”


Dear Twitter.


I am NOT a bisexual.

I do not watch Bisexual pornography.

I certainly do not post, share or encourage any pornographic material on social websites like Twitter.

I most certainly do not believe that a family-accessible channel such as Twitter should allow ANY porn.






A Big Mighty, Massive, Huge, Humongous BUT…


How is censoring the Graphics, Video & News Content associated with the term BISEXUAL rational, sensible or responsible action on your part?


Are you saying that Bisexuality does not exist?


Or according to you Bisexuality is something ugly, unnatural, unacceptable that should not be known?


Or, are you alleging that Bisexuality is a hyper-sexual lifestyle and is all about having as much sex as possible, anytime, anywhere, with anyone? In other words, are you implying that the Bisexuals are all about sex and nothing about being humans with emotions, sentiments, dreams, careers, families, and they are not #BornThisWay?


Let’s for a second assume, there was a lot of pornographic material being released on twitter with the #bisexual. Are you saying, your channels is NOT flooded with heterosexual, gay and lesbian pornography?


And are you saying with utmost certainty and beyond reasonable doubt that there was no other way to filter out pornography other than banning an entire #BornThisWay, By Birth, Natural Orientation? ‘IF’ that (pornography) was your originally intended ‘culprit’, that is?


Also, if Pornography was the intended culprit, how is that only and only the Bisexual Pornography hurt your ‘Community Guidelines’ sentiments and not Heterosexual, Gay, Lesbian or Trans pornography?


Oh wait, is there a chance that the recent employee who disabled Donald Trump’s account was bisexual and the entire bisexual community is having to pay for it?


So, let me just ask the most important question of the hour twitter – Are you, officially, going to withdraw from all equality campaigns, shut down each letter of the LGBTQIA, one by one – and ‘Make World Hetero Again’?


You’ve got some explaining to do Twitter, and it better starts NOW!

PS: I hope this has nothing to do with the recent deactivation of Donald Trump’s account. I’d hate to think that the ‘Hero’ employee who deactivated Donald Trump’s account was a bisexual individual and Mr. Trump has managed to strong-arm you into banning the entire bisexual community from the face of the twitter. I’d hate that to be true! 

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