The Non-Binary Inclusive National Breast Cancer Foundation Australia!

Today, National Breast Cancer Foundation (Australia) gave me one more reason to keep supporting them for the rest of my life.

I have been either donating or volunteering or fundraising for them directly or indirectly since over a decade and I find their work towards #BreastCancerAwareness is phenomenal.

In June 2020, I received another invite to fund-raise and I was registering and noted I could only choose from Binary Gender spectrum or other titles (like professor, doctor) etc that I was not eligible to use. I wrote back to Alice Smith, Campaign Manager – Sports at NBCF (Australia) expressing my disappointment. 

I shared that in 2020 and despite Marriage Equality, I don’t see a very important but small update I expected NBCF (Australia)  on the website – to include non-binary gender identity, instead of just the He/She spectrum. 

The disappointment did not last for long and I am incredibly grateful for that. 

Just as I hoped, Alice responded promptly and was very supportive.

She confirmed that they are looking into this oversight as a priority and they went back to research about this.

On July 17, 2020 Alice wrote back to me and to my pleasant surprise, not only they made the effect to correct the course, they found perfect title Mx (the non-binary gender title) as well as Prefer Not To Say, for people to choose what they relate to most.

Today, as I post this, I am registering for Step Up To Breast Cancer fundraiser, with gratitude, joy and pride to have supported a charity for so long that does value the entire community equally. I hope that my friends, family, clients, colleagues, network and community with support me in this cause. I am intentionally aiming for a very low amount, being aware and sensitive that these are difficult times and everyone is a in a bit of ‘scarcity’ mindset with the future being most uncertain than it has ever been in our times. 

Thank you Alice Smith and NBCF (Australia) Team for honoring my identity and my community with inclusive actions immediately. 

Humbled and Honored to be a very small part of your efforts against Breast Cancer Awareness, Research and support.

If you’d like to Support my fundraising efforts,

please visit here to see the campaign and donate 

Please know that I do not and will not accept any direct payments. If you can donate directly to NBCF (Australia) at the link above, that is awesome.

If you cannot, please simply share and forward this post to encourage and inform others who might be able to!


Szebastian Onne G. S.

Disclaimer: I have donated and volunteered for National Breast Cancer Foundation, Australia over the years and will continue to do as as much as I can. However, I do not collect any funds personally nor do I represent National Breast Cancer Foundation, Australia in any capacity. For their terms and details please visit their official site at this link. 


Featured Photo: Anna Shvets 

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