Do you suffer with MRS?*

Are you a victim of MRS (Micro-Reporting Syndrome) – reporting your every action, to people, and at a frequency you do not need to?

Do you know that MRS consumes a considerable amount of your productive time and energy while setting you back on your deadlines?

Do you know having MRS creates an unnecessary feeling of stress, anxiety and unhappiness when you do not need to report 8 out of those 10 times, in the first place?

Do you know I totally made up that term in 2011 and what was just a joke became a relatable term for many of my friends and colleagues?

Here are a few  facts about my MRS –

  1. I believe I became an MRS Individual somewhere around 2010
  2. I took some time to realize and hard work to manage but I stopped being one by the end of 2012.
  3. I still have phases of MRS now and then ever since, but now I know how to control it.
  4. My ability to recognize triggers and patterns has helped me better control my MRS.
  5. Even today many people laugh about it when I speak of it, but it is an important topic.

Maybe people love MRS-individuals because they can keep tabs on this person without having to try but it consumes a lot of time in reporting rather than being productive. MRS can get very frustrating and can even become annoyance for others.

Here are a few techniques I apply to beat my MRS.

– Saying. ‘I will report at the end of the task’ to the manager/client/colleague

– Asking myself, ‘Do they need to know this micro detail?’

– Asking myself, ‘How do they qualify to seek/have this reporting from me this?’

– Not having Messaging Apps on my phone

– Leaving my phone in the drawer while working

among many others. This helps me regain my time, control and power.

Do you believe you suffer with MRS too?

How does it affect you?

How do you beat it?

Do you know of an official term/study about this condition?

I will write a lot more about this in near future so if you feel you can relate or are a professional who can educate us more about this – let’s talk.

PS: I made up the acronym in 2011. Ever since among my friends and network it has become an effective term to stop ourselves from MRSing.


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  • Shannon

    Haha! Cool blog. Very creative. I also used to suffer from MRS. I reformed myself so much that now I rarely check in with people and it’s causing just as many issues. Perhaps you could address us folks that are the opposite of MRS in a blog as well!

  • Sara

    MRS! Nice terminology! Hm, am I guilty of that? I guess maybe we all are occasionally.. possibly when looking for support/approval/guidance, but yes there are definitely occasions when it can be too much. The phone kept out of sight (out of mind!) is a good one – technology has its benefits, but can also hamper us at times.

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