Leaders, Liars, and Leeches

“It is when we hurt that we learn.”
Steve Maraboli

Time has come to identify people with more accurate and deserving titles.

Day after day, we see the word ‘Leader’ used with those who consistently do the exact opposite of what a leader is expected to do — to inspire growth and progress of communities. Instead, these so-called leaders are busy playing with nuclear tests (Kim Jong Un) and most immature tweets shunning diplomacy at all levels (Donald Trump), and thousands of other similar hate mongers on grass root levels in our daily lives. Journalism is one of the four strong pillars of any democracy and civil society with law-and-order in ensuring free-and-fair information, justice, and safety of human rights. If our trusted journalists will continue using the title Leaders for these hate mongers, who continue to use the Colonial British atrocity of Divide-and-Rule, there is no hope for future generations to understand the difference between Leaders and Megalomaniacs. Identifying a tyrant as a tyrant is the first step towards refusing his tyranny. [Side note: It is an irony that many who were once enslaved by the British are now governed by their local politicians who use the exact same Divide-and-Rule and continue to destroy the unity to remain in power, but there is little that can be done to stop them. Dark times are these!]

Then, some beautiful liars live among us and destroy the very fabric of trust among humans on a daily basis. I call them beautiful because the way they present themselves to us is so pious, spiritual, kind and pure that we cannot even fathom they could be lying to us. We just believe every word they say, even if at times our brain questions their intention or reason. They will make you believe they are in it with you for a deeper or is it higher, level of connection and nothing more. They will tell you over and again what you can improve about yourself but will give you a perfect ‘reason’ (read as a bullshit excuse) for how they  … continue at medium.com for the complete article.

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