*** FACT ***
FEAR has defined a major part of my journey!
Two events of my life created a Permanent Residency of FEAR in my life, which defined a lot of my journey over and again from teenage to adulthood and beyond. First event created ‘Am I Even Worth?’ journey and Second event led to ‘I am never going to be safe!’ reflex in my mind, body and heart.
The way I am wired constantly pushes me to take risks, dream big and work with all my might to make it happen. The events I mentioned above have kept me on constant edge & even sabotaged me over and again. It has never been an easy journey.
BUT , I knew I am capable, strong and determined.
I have failed a lot, but I have succeeded the next time even bigger. I have been walked over, but I have stood my ground louder. I have been scared but I have dared myself to march forward stronger.
I forced myself to see BEYOND my fear, self-doubt and hurt so I could reach beyond my limits and genuinely Dream Big & Make It Happen, rejecting fears, abuse, betrayals, exploitation and sabotage from within as well as external forces.
I am creating Courageous, Unapologetic, Passion-Driven legacy, just as I aimed. I may stumble, trip, fall but I will get up every single time to rise stronger and wilder as an indomitable force!
How we SEE,
defines HOW we DO
Let’s Dream Big, Make It Happen!

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