almost Naked Conversation with Eleni Anastos

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Who Is Eleni Anastos?

Eleni Anastos is the CEO & Founder of Business Insights Now LLC. Her passion is to support entrepreneurs and business leaders in living their best lives – professionally and personally. She understands the value in connection and excels in cultivating relationships and building trust.

Today, at 2 PM EST, Szebastian is asking her the hard hitting questions, “Is arrogance the necessary evil of authenticity?” and “Is being inconsiderate and potty-mouth being authentic or just plain arrogant?”

If you are also in a similar predicament about authenticity, don’t forget to tune-in at or simply click the banner below to tune-in LIVE and participate in the talk-show. And if you are camera-ready, you might even be invited to jump in on the conversation!


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