I am choosing CHANGE!

In last 5 Years, I made exactly four poor choices that I regret. Three of those poor decisions were made in 2019.

It did not help me grow, nor did it help me aid others in their growth as much as it could have otherwise. What these poor choices and decisions were, is a topic for another time. Important lesson for me and the message for you today is, that I recognize and admit those poor decisions played a role in my regret.

I was refusing to change the way things were going. I wanted to keep giving people the benefit of the doubt. I was working with a status quo feeling of ‘why me?’ instead of ‘No Thanks, I won’t!”

I wasn’t taking a stand.
I wasn’t walking away from the poor decisions I made.
I wasn’t ready to displease people I cared for, even if they did not care what it was doing to me.
I was focusing on finding blames in myself or them, rather than focusing on how to STOP!
I was refusing change.

Sometimes, it takes a major event or setback for us to realize ‘Enough is Enough’ and ‘Things need to change NOW!’.

Three panic attacks later, in one week–I realized I needed to STOP.

I recognized that change was not just one of the options but the only option I had to regain my strength and clarity.

Click above graphic for more #INSPIRE content on my instagram!

Click above graphic for more #INSPIRE content on my instagram!

Fast Forward 9 Days…

I am on a very valuable journey of change, no matter how challenging, tedious and testing it may be, it is the change I want in my life. I am already seeing betterment on all fronts.
Instead of defending myself, I have removed what and who wants to unleash their ego, control, anger, hate, manipulation, judgement upon me. If together them and I cannot help each other grow, no matter the bond and hurt, I prefer to distance myself.

I have a great support network, and a fantastic team – so my health, family, career and team come before anyone’s insecurities and manipulations.
Most importantly, I have the clarity of what I do not want to continue in my life–personal or professional.
You can have decades of experience, but there is always an opportunity to take a moment to stop, contemplate and prepare yourself for a transformation that is for your better tomorrow.

I am choosing to LIVE, LONGER, STRONGER and ON MY TERMS!
I am choosing to INSPIRE myself and those who trust me.
I am choosing to move forward!


Featured Photo Courtesy: Vinicius Costa

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