Your Words, Action and Delivery create your brand

You may market yourself as the best, and position yourself as extraordinary but it is ultimately what you deliver creates your brand.  I have made my share of faux-pas and gaffe and learned the hard way from time to time. This is where clear vision, strategy and boundaries played a big role in getting things right.

I continue to learn, and it is a forever ongoing process. Here are the three things that I can share with you that can help you create a reliable brand and healthy client-provider relationship –

1.       Know your worth – Do not doubt your value and do not under price yourself. If you do it once, you create a black hole that sucks the energy and progress out of your brand

2.       Honor Project Scope – Be very clear about the project scope – with yourself, your team and your client. When something out of the project scope is requested, highlight it, charge for it and then do it.

3.       Be Direct, Say NO – There is no short cut to avoiding conflicts except a simple honest step – be direct with the clients on what cannot be delivered or is not part of the project. A simple direct and honest NO saves a lot of drama and keeps all the stakeholders in sync.

And remember, don’t be afraid to walk away from projects/clients that may not be right fit for you or you may not be right fit for them. By continuing a project without any synergy between the client and provider, we do disservice to all parties, no matter how noble the intention.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Markus Spiske

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