I am Bash Brizuela, and I know my worth!

Not too long ago, my life was driven by people who treated me like a ‘cheap virtual assistant’ and despite being a hard working individual with big dreams, I never could recognize and value my true worth. There were people out there who would reach out and say, ‘I will pay you $1 per hour for this, if you want more, don’t reply!’

I was left stunned.

What these people do not realize is that on the other side of their browser is also a complete person, a human being with heart, soul and dreams. They don’t understand and value that this human being also has feelings of pride and humiliation. But what I also did not realize was that I was allowing for these people to let me feel this way.

It was as much my fault as was theirs in being driven by a mindset of worthlessness.

Then, I met Alicia Couri and Szebastian Onne. At first, when my employment process took some time, the insecurity started kicking in, and I started assuming this is going to be yet another employer who are looking for a ‘virtual assistant’ who they can ‘buy at the lowest bid’. I hated the wait. I knew no different.

Today, not only am I absolutely proud to say that my views have evolved and taken a big leap of confidence and self-worth but also am grateful to myself before anyone else, that I waited for the right job, right company, right employers and right team who could see my worth, my skills and my importance. Not only am I grateful to Dreamaniac TV and SzebastianCom for providing me an opportunity of the kind I always believed I deserved but longed for and waited for patiently, but I am also very proud that I did not give up or give in to the negative voices in my head and miser ‘so-called Entrepreneurs’ who thought it was okay to treat another person like a cheap ‘product’ they could hire, fire, humiliate at their will. As Szebastian explains often, these people with the ‘Asian Employee Mindset’ never saw me as a person equal let alone worthy of being seen as a skilled professional, who actually knew (and knows) more than them, and that is exactly why they have the need to hire us yet they struggle to pay what a professional is truly worth. I also have to mention Eleni Anastos here, whose shows, conversations have really helped me see through who I am and what my worth is.

I wanted to share this today to empower others who feel like how I felt, and questioned their own worth to stop and reflect on their skills, diligence and loyalty. To understand what they really are worth and not just as an employee but as a person, a family member, a parent, a child, a sibling and a team member. I want you to rise up, and aim for that big dream that seems scary. Reach out and connect with the people who value you from the very first interaction. It may be scary but it is totally worth it.

Because I dared to do it and I am glad I did. Today I am no more a virtual assistant, but a Senior Producer in a Media company and a Business Manager in a Professional Services brand. Both these sister concerns saw the skills and dedication and gave me the opportunity I deserved. I am now in a career (not a task or job or freelance project, but a career) that is so much fun, and I am passionate about as well as I know there will be growth. I chose to make myself more than an ‘Asian Employee Syndrome’ victim. I want to thank Alicia Couri, Szebastian Onne, Dreamaniac TV for making this happen for me and BeLive.TV for being the catalyst in making Dreamaniac TV stories like mine a reality.

I chose to become a mother who can lead their children by example that you can dream big, you can make them a reality and you can achieve whatever you want in life when you put in the hard work, value yourself and keep your eyes and ears open for the right opportunity in life.

As both our companies say, ‘Let’s #INSPIRE the #AudaciousConfidence among ourselves and others to #DreamaBigMakeItHappen’

– Bash Brizuela

Business Manager – Szebastian.com
Senior Producer – Dreamaniac TV

A Person, A Woman, A Mother and An Entrepreneur

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  • Eleni Anastos

    I am so grateful to know you Bash! You are a bright shining STAR and a beautiful human being. It is an honor to witness your growth. You are a wonderful role model for stepping into true potential and owning your worth! The best is yet to come!! I look forward to sharing the journey.
    Onward & Upward!
    Eleni Anastos

  • Adam Clarke

    Amazing Bash. THE key thing here that you note is YOUR belief and confidence in yourself and your abilities, YOUR worth. You understand what this is and YOU chose not to be victim to people that frankly DO NOT get what true leadership and team engagement is all about. You didn’t settle and you have now found a superstar family to work alogside.
    Great article, those that read it should rise up as you say… Be confident in yourself and unless you are empowered, engaged and valued… Ship out and find the people, the role that make you feel this way.
    Such a great message and one that rings so true to our values and work at Your Vocation and alongside Dreamaniac and SzebastianCom.

  • Alisha Fletcher

    I was very surpised when I was told by a friend that recently traveled to the Phillipines that some people are paid just $8 per day to work. I have many friends here in the USA that came from Philippines. They tell me of their struggles before they came here. I’m glad you are rising above and know your worth.Maybe you will start a new standard for your industry. One where people are seen as human and paid what they are worth.

  • Karen Alleyne-Means

    Good for you Bash, the first step is understanding the value you bring to the table and then owning it. People only treat us, as we show them we will accept…Your changing the perception and owning that you are more than a virtual assistant! Thank you for having the courage to share, and let others know that it is right and just to demand your value!

  • Anj Handa

    Wonderful read, Bash and I can think of no better guides than Szebastian and Alicia. Congratulations!

  • Keerthi Hari

    This was such a refreshing read, Bash. It hit me straight in the gut! Words could not have been put better. I am so glad that you stumbled upon Szebastian and Alicia when you did. It was meant to happen 🙂 They are truly a breath of fresh air in the world.

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