As Many Times As It Takes, I said!

“How much longer?”, she asked.
As long as it takes!”, I replied.
You see, some see failure, setback or turncoats as ‘the end’ of their success.
They look at it with a perspective that now they have to ‘start over’ from scratch, with a very dark, long and tiring journey ahead.
Their perception of failure is that of a dead-end with no possibility in sight.
I am tempted to say I was like that too but then I look back at my life, journey and experiences and know better today.
Somehow, I have never learned to be hopeless. 
I may have been stunned, shocked, blind-sighted and burned even – to the point of thinking, ‘Is this the end of everything I created’ but I never ever gave up. 
I never ever truly believed that any setback, any failure or even a turncoat had the power of ‘finishing’ my story with nothing left to hope for and look forward to.
I counted.
Yes, I counted and exactly 19 times I had to fight against gruesome odds, not counting innumerable times of other failures that I consider as pitfalls comparatively.
Of these 7 times I was betrayed, and 4 times I saw the deception from early on but I allowed my affection to overrule my intuition.
Of these, exactly 2 had nothing to do with love, romance, relationship, dating or family.
Of the 19 times, 5 times, I was the one who initiated the deal so I wasn’t betrayed, I walked into self-sabotage. 
BUT ….
To stay there or to give up as a consequences of the choices I made, would be a failure.
I have learned from my parents, that as long as you don’t give up and give in, you can keep fighting, keep striving, and you will thrive.
A setback is not a failure, it is important lessons that now you have learned and you are better equipped to do things wiser, stronger, smarter.
So when she (someone who has always stuck by me through thick and thin) asked me, “How much longer?”
My answer was not “I am tired, I don’t know” but I knew very clearly, “As long as it takes”
because with every setback and betrayal, with every failure and trip-over I only have learned more, earned more.
Became more powerful than I was before I knew what I was capable of taking on.
From my first failure to my last (and the next that I will encounter)
I am only in a better position to handle anything that comes at me and that is how I built a beautiful TEAMily. 
That is how I continue to serve no matter what comes at me.
Because no hurdle, no betrayal, no failure is bigger than my determination to continue onward, upward and towards tomorrow!
Dream Big, Make It Happen

Szebastian Onne G. S.


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