5 Life-Hacks: For the Battlefield of LIFE!

Life throws a curve-ball now and then and we lose control, of everything. 

But, there are things we can do to have better focus, clarity and strength to tackle any of these curve-balls the life throws at us. 

I am sharing with you 5 life-hacks that I use which help me do life better, than otherwise I would have. 

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1. Subconscious accepts what you feed it. If life events and your reactions to these events have fed your subconscious negative information, it will register and recycle that information in your mindset. The only way to overcome the specious mindset that is constantly driving you into a cycle of negative thoughts and events, is to intentionally, repeatedly and frequently feed the accurate information that will help improve your mindset that is based on facts, clarity and courage to become who you really aspire to be.

2. Value your sleep, like you cannot afford the alimony if your sleep divorced you. See scientific and medical fact about sleep is, that this is the only time when your mind, body and soul have an opportunity to work in sync towards repairing everything you have put them through during your awake time.

a. Sleep Deprivation causes poor judgement
b. Sleep Deprivation causes lack of focus and cohesion
c. Sleep Deprivation leads to mood-swings that are not real you and creates a misrepresentation of who you really are
d. Sleep Deprivation reduces your body’s ability to fight illness as your immune system is compromised
e. Sleep Deprivation increases your stress and anxiety levels

3. Accept Your Truth: Say whatever, but it is true, no human being lives an absolute unfiltered and unmasked life. We all have two faces, one that we present to everybody around us, including our loved ones and one that only and only we know, understand and are constantly in touch with. While I don’t have any scientific data to back this up, it is pretty much a universal reality that we live most of our lives trying to fit into boxes, circles and tick boxes even when we claim to be super authentic, super independent and super non-conforming. We are a social species, we are wired to ‘adjust’ according to where we are. And the moment we adjust, we are living a little different version of us than who we really are inside. They only way to be more and more yourself to the maximum possible potential is accepting your truth to yourself. Good or bad, happy or sad, positive or negative, scary or joyful, when you accept what your life really is and where you truly stand, you live more confident, more authentic and more transparent life than many others. And the best part, you feel safer, stronger and more in touch with your own reality at all times.

4. Drink a lot of REAL water: Again, I am no scientist or a doctor but it is very evident most of us either do not drink enough water or drink a ‘version’ of water that is not cleansing enough to be called water. We love adding flavors, colors and brands to our water and claim we drink heaps of water. I started doing this 75HardChallenge which requires me to drink 1 Gallon plain water, no lemon, no fruit, no flavor, just pure water. How it is transforming my life is phenomenal. Initially it was hard with me running to the washroom every few minutes but as my body started adjusting to the intake and water started cleansing my body of toxins I started feeling more present with myself. It is actually helping me have clear thinking, being more aware of myself and there is this never before energy and stamina I have in things I am doing that I have not had in a long time.

5. Listen to music 15 minutes a day with no other interruptions. In today’s hustle and bustle of life even though we have our earphones and smart devices that allow us to carry our music anywhere and listen on the go, it doesn’t really mean anything to our heart and mind. Music is supposed to be a recreational and relaxing hobby or habit. But when we do it as a ‘while I am doing this, let me also do that’ task, it only becomes one of the many ‘to-do’ items and loses its meaning as a relaxation activity for our heart and mind. Originally, I thought of this and experimented with this concept in 2008 and I was blown away with how much more positive, focused and happy my days started becoming if I dropped everything and gave 15 minutes of my time only to close my eyes, and listen to music of my liking with no other activity controlling me for those 15 minutes. I was not eating, I was not writing, I was not reading and I was not watching anything during these 15 minutes and only thing I did was close my eyes and listen to the music I enjoy, alright maybe sang along but that’s kind part of music so not an extra activity. It changed my life. Then around 2014 I stopped, without even realizing, I let other things take my 15 minutes music celebration away from me and suddenly only in March 2020 this occurred to me and I was like ‘fuck, I gave up my listening to music ritual’ and instantly I decided to start my day with my 15 min music ritual and voila … so much is happening, including the stuff I was too scared to delve into but I needed to and it’s because I am allowing myself to celebrate my life for 15 minutes with no one else, nothing else, no other task receiving any importance from me than me listening to my favorite music and celebrating my 15 minutes with myself.

SO these are 5 among many other things that have time and again helped me regain my strength, focus and prepare myself for the battle called ‘being a social animal’ who has to perform various roles in society, fulfill many responsibilities and fight many wars internally and externally day in and day out in order to complete the mission called LIFE.

I am sharing this in hope that some or all of them help someone out there who is struggling with any aspect of life and just needs a little ‘structure’ and ‘process’ that constantly repairs, rebuilds and empowers our heart, body and mind to carry on and complete the mission called LIFE in a best possible version we could create!

Thank you for being with me and allowing me to be on your devices and I hope I made it worth your while. Remember to be brilliantly kind to yourself, because only then you’ll ever fucking be able to be kind to anyone else. Until next, this was Szebastian Onne, the almostNakedCEO and Dream Big, Make It Happen!

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